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Bullets Over Pittsburgh

Summary: Hours after a shooting in Hazelwood, another occurs in Carrick, prompted by a woman simply honking at a vehicle blocking hers. Reporter: David Highfield, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 48 seconds on May 1 Visuals: * Highfield reporting from a place in the KDKA studios identified by large, red illuminated letters as "NEWS CONTROL." * Scenes from the location of the shooting incident in residential Carrick, where we see lots of dandelions on lawns. Highlights: * When Highfield relays that the victim's daughter "tells me her mom was shot in the arm and that a bullet also grazed her chin. She went into surgery at Mercy Hospital and is expected to be OK. It appears she may have annoyed some burglars that parked in her path." * When a young newspaper-delivery man, tagged as "Heard Gunshots," recounts, "I thought it was just a blown tire or something, and it ended up that it kept on coming and kept on coming ... very scary, especially when it's 5:30 in the morning and nobody's out." * When Highfield adds, "The victim's daughter tells me her mom was trying to get to a car-repair shop, but a vehicle was blocking this alley near Sunnyland Avenue. Police tell our news partners, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that two men in masks and black turtlenecks had just left a nearby house and shot the woman." * When a female neighbor expresses concern: "Oh, I was really scared because I lived right next to the person that got shot, and it's scary [that] stuff like that can happen in Carrick." * When Highfield interjects, "But neighbors tell me unfortunately there's been other problems in their neighborhood lately." * When a woman who looks unmistakably fed-up says, "Cars have been broken into, so it's not -- it's not really a surprise to me. I mean, things have got to be done." * When a male resident says, with furrowed brow, "Here we go again. There were some shots about a month ago. Right next door." * When Highfield ends, "Well, police say the man in this morning's incident took money and other items from a nearby house. Their vehicle was described as a black SUV." What We Learned: Look before you beep. Unanswered Question: When will residents understand that a shooting can happen anywhere -- even in quiet neighborhoods? News Value: 6. Pretty cut-and-dry reporting on a local shooting ... a story which has, sadly, become all too cut-and-dry itself.

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