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Mon Val(ley) Kilmer

Summary: A rich, handsome Hollywood hunk comes to (gasp!) Brownsville to film for an upcoming movie. Reporter: David Johnson, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 47 seconds on April 30 Highlights: * When Johnson dives in, "A little bitta Hollywood came to the Fayette County community of Brownsville this week. It was lights, camera, action! when Val Kilmer [was] in town, shooting scenes for his movie, Riddle. The main location for the shooting was the Brownsville Library, which played the Riddle County sheriff's department." * When an increasingly breathless Johnson continues, "Now, in order to accommodate the filming, the library had to move all of its 22,000 books to another building. Movie crews left town last night, so this morning, the librarians started the big job of putting all those books back on the shelves. Library director Meredith Hamilton tells us it was an exciting week." * When Hamilton comments, "It's absolutely worth it. We probably won't come down off the ceiling for another week or two." * When Johnson ends, "Well, the movie studio paid Brownsville to use their library and also paid to help relocate all those books." What We Learned: Librarians get excited! Unanswered Question: Will the completion of the 10-mile stretch of the Mon-Valley Expressway lead to even more movie-making in Brownsville? News Value: 4. There have been other movies made in Fayette County: Off the top of my head, I recall Bob Roberts and Silence of the Lambs. But I think what we really need is more Fayette County in Hollywood.

Bonus News Clip! Also courtesy of Channel 11. When reporter Robin Taylor begins the obligatory "Restaurant Report" with this dramatically delivered message: "It's amazing what inspectors found. There certainly are some dirrrty little secrets in these kitchens. Some of the violations are disgusting. Others could make customers very sick. Roaches! Dead mice! Rodent droppings! And food at unsafe temperatures! These are just some of the violations found in restaurants and stores this year. Serious violations the owners don't want to talk about!" (Can you tell sweeps month is here?)

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