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This Just In: May 28 - June 4 

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Fox Trot

Summary: A Beaver County boy is attacked by a fox. Reporter: Jodine Costanzo, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 3 minutes, 4 seconds on May 20 Visuals: * A panoramic view of the woodsy home where the ferocious fox reared his ugly tail. * A still shot of a fox "like" the one that bit the boy. Highlights: * When anchor Peggy Finnegan warns, "It's a strange one: Attacked by a fox, a little boy and his family tell us about the frightening run-in that has them being treated now for rabies. They couldn't believe what they were seeing!" * When anchor David Johnson adds, "That's right: A 4-year-old boy, in the clutches of a fox." * When Costanzo reports, "That young boy plays at his great-grandmother's house all the time, and Saturday was no different -- until a fox showed up." * When Blu, whom Jodine justly calls "a brave little boy," tells us his story: "He was like, this big [as he holds his cute little hands about a foot apart] and he's running. It bited me." * When Costanzo continues, "It was Saturday afternoon in the peaceful surroundings of his great-grandmother's [home] that Blu would come face-to-face with a grown male fox that looks similar to this one. Blu walked from the house out to the driveway where his grandmother was waiting to take him to lunch. But before Blu could get inside the truck, the fox came from underneath the vehicle and attacked him. Alta Mae Musgrave rushed from the house to find her daughter, Kathy, Blu's grandmother, desperately trying to fight off the fox." * When Alta Mae, an older lady with a sweet voice, offers this account of the incident: "It was biting his leg. And so she got hold of the fox's jaw and threw it." * When Contanzo adds, "[Blu's uncle] eventually knocked the ferocious fox out with a long-handled ice scraper. Police then shot it dead." * When Costanzo says, "The fox tested positive for rabies, so little Blu and his [grandmother] are undergoing a series of painful shots. [The state game commission is] calling this an isolated incident, but they're still warning neighbors in that area to be careful." * When Johnson lists the symptoms of rabies, which could easily describe some of the people I know on a bad day: irritability, headache, fever, itching and pain. What We Learned: Never underestimate what a grandma can do when her grandson's in danger. Unanswered Question: What was for lunch? News Value: 6. Glad the little boy is going to be OK, and will have a story to tell his grandchildren. Costanzo tells the story in an interesting way by letting the characters involved tell it. But I'm deducting points for Finnegan and Johnson's hype.



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