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This Just In: May 14 - 21 

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All Atwitter

Summary: One member of KDKA's morning-news team is now twittering. Reporter: Jim Lokay, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 6 seconds on May 11 Visuals: * Many a local guy's fantasy: the sultry image of Sonni Abatta, alone in the newsroom, twittering away. * Some of the Twitter pages of KDKA on-air staff. Highlights: * Lokay speaks, while meteorologist Dennis Bowman and anchors Sonni Abatta and Stephanie Watson are gathered 'round the desk, looking on: "Well, let's talk about why all four of us are here this morning. We've talked quite a bit about Twitter. Everybody's twittering these days. Ashton Kutcher's twittering these days. So we figured if Ashton's doing it, why don't we do it? ... Let's tell you how to ... help you out as well." * When Lokay asks a man in a suit outside KDKA's Gateway Center studios, "You don't Twitter?" He quickly replies, "No, I don't." * When Lokay asks a younger woman, "Do you Twitter?" and she answers, "Um, I don't, but I have, like, I've looked on it before and like, tried to follow people before." * When Lokay explains, "They may not. But millions of people are checking out It's a site that let's you type or text what's on your mind. Just keep it under 140 characters. So starting today, you can add four more people to follow. Namely, us. We want to know what you think about the day's stories. Ask us questions. Start a conversation." * When Lokay plugs, "[G]et a quick forecast from Dennis, share weather reports, ask him questions. Check out real-time traffic and tweet me back with your own traffic news and pictures. Just follow us and you'll get instant updates on your computer or cell." * When Bowman proudly admits, "I've already tweeted four times this morning ... not that I'm bragging." (Bowman tweets as "amweatherguy," by the way.) Watson cheers him on, "Good for you!" What We Learned: Hey, if the resident elder of the a.m. news team can tweet four times in one morning -- just think how many times YOU can! Unanswered Question: Jim, if Ashton jumped of a bridge, would you do it, too? News Value: 5. Definitely a self-promotion, but people in the media biz are constantly being challenged to adjust to the different ways people receive information, so -- I think it's a great idea, and I'd be willing to bet techno-junkie Lokay is a driving force behind it. (We follow each other on Twitter already, and he's my Facebook friend!)



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