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Soldiering On

Summary: A woman crashes her minivan into a cherished Troy Hill war memorial. Reporter: Shannon Perrine, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 1 minute, 36 seconds on Feb. 28 Visuals: * Perrine's necklace, a double-strand of jawbreaker-sized green and white beads. * A taped-off, circular area where the monument once stood with orange reflective cones standing guard -- but alas, no parking chairs. Highlights: * When Perrine begins, "A speeding minivan, slick roads and a nasty crash in Pittsburgh's Troy Hill section. The van took out a monument to veterans who fought in World War I." * When Troy Hill resident Amy Morgan says, "The van was outta control, hit the passenger side and the monument, knocking the monument -- where that hole is right there is where the monument landed in the ground and the one plate that has all the names on it fell off and two eagles fell off, and then the pole came down." * When another resident, Jim Bougher, recounts, "[T]he van was laying up against the building up the street, so I'm surprised that nobody was severely injured. ... [It was] complete and total shock." * When Perrine reports, "Neighbors heard the crash and saw the scene. Witnesses say the woman driving took off running. They say police found drugs in the car. The man who was a passenger in the van was treated for a head injury. Troy Hill residents say it will take a lot to put this piece of history back together. What remains of the World War I memorial is at the local VFW for now." * When Morgan laments, "It's real sad. To see the people just standing up there crying after, you know, they fought so hard to get it up here." * When Perrine says, "Those who love the memorial are already working on getting it back in place." * When Bougher asserts, "Oh yeah, absolutely. That's part of the Troy Hill community." * When Perrine concludes, "Now, police were able to track down the woman driving the minivan because her license was still inside the vehicle. No word on what charges she will face." What We Learned: Once again, minivans have lived up to their edgy reputation for devil-may-care driving. Unanswered Question: Shouldn't we be grateful that a Humvee from the National Guard didn't take it out? News Value: 4. I love it when our locals retell a story. But WTAE shouldn't be reporting that "witnesses" say police found drugs. That should come directly from police themselves. 

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