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This Just In: June 4 - 11

Drugstore Howboy

Summary: "Project Economy" shows you yet another way you can save money in tough times! Reporter: Kelly Frey, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 3 minutes, 47 seconds on May 29 Visuals: * Frey pointing to makeup products, as though she were a Price Is Right model. * Frey and a "famous makeup artist" sashaying among the shelves. Highlights: * When anchor Michelle Wright asks, "How would you like to look like the stars do and not spend a lot? [Frey] is taking you on a shopping trip with a famed Hollywood makeup artist to find seven best beauty bargains, all under 12 bucks." * When Frey speaks fast and furious, "We're here in your local drug store ... to find the seven best beauty products for cheap." * When Frey introduces us to "Pittsburgh native Brett Freedman, makeup artist to the stars. He's spilling his shopping secrets, from exotic eyes to luscious lips, showing us cheap cosmetics that really work." * When Freedman claims, "Everyone wants to be bronzy and healthy and glowy and young." Frey interjects, "But not actually be out in the sun." Freedman responds, "Exactly, they don't want the sun damage. So a great product is the Dream Liquid Mousse makeup." * When Frey "reports" that "[t]he high-end alternative [costs] 32 bucks. Our drugstore find? Just $9.49" * When Frey blabbers on, "Now for a glittery summer cheek, swirl Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in natural, or use as two products in one for your eyes. ... Use this on Vanessa Hudgens, she shines." * When Frey goes on (and on): "Now for luscious lips, say goodbye to browns." * When Freedman suggests "[p]inks, berries, apricots, things that look yummy." * When Frey adds, "Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers not only look like liquid silk, but taste great. Compared to MAC's lip gloss at $18, ours will make your mouth smile at $5.99." * When Freedman asks, "Remember in the '80s they had mood lipsticks, where it was green and it would go on pink? This is baby blue, but it has 4 percent of that mood ingredient in it, so it actually gives your lips a little lift of color." * After painfully reviewing the products, when Frey proudly ends, "So let's see -- how did our seven best beauty buys stack up? The expensive stuff: $182. Our finds? Just 60 bucks. That's a savings of $121. Who knew it could be so easy to look great for less?" What We Learned: Who knew it could be so easy to look cheap? Unanswered Question: So if I can't afford groceries after buying all this makeup, can I just dine on my great-tasting Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers? News Value: 0. Yes, in a tight economy the first thing I'm worried about it makeup. Thank God Channel 4 is there for us!

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