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D'oh! A Deer

Summary: A local woman gets an unexpected hood ornament. Reporter: Ari Hait, WTAE Channel 4 When it Aired: May 26 Running Time: 1 minute, 43 seconds Highlights: * When anchor Andrew Stockey says, with great authority, "Now video, 'First on Four': A deer lands right on the windshield of a woman speeding down Interstate 70, and just take a look at the damage! And this picture just in -- this is [the woman]. She was driving that car when the deer landed right into her lap. A big scare to say the least." * When Hait begins the deer tale, speaking at warp speed, "Yeah, I spent about a half an hour talking to her. And while we were speaking, she was holding an ice bag up to the side of her face. She has a leeetle tiny bruise right here on the bottom of her eye, but really, that's it. She was, for the most part, not injured. And she knows tonight, she is a very lucky woman." * When Hait orders, "Take a look at the damage to this Mazda 3. This is what a deer did to [this 29-year-old woman's] car. [She] was driving on I-70 around 7:15 this morning just past Eighty Four. She was in the passing lane, going about 60 miles per hour. She says she actually saw the deer jumping the median. [She] did not want to do an on-camera interview. But she told me, 'I thought I was going to die. I had no time to do anything. All I saw was a flying deer.'" * When Hait continues, "The deer flew through [her] windshield. She says the windshield itself landed in her lap. Something hit her head -- maybe the windshield, maybe the deer." * When Hait relays what the woman said: "First thing I did was rip down my visor to check to see if my teeth were still there. I saw they were, and then I called 911." * When Hait adds, "The view from 'Sky 4' shows the massive traffic back-up this accident caused in the morning rush. By this time [she] had been taken to the hospital, where she was treated for nothing more than a bruise on her cheek." What We Learned: Alwayth make thure you have your teeth before you dial 911. Unanswered Question: Was Santa's sleigh spotted nearby? News Value: 2. The photo of the woman was a portrait taken sometime prior to the accident, obviously -- so I'm not sure Stockey can say it's a "just in" item. Thank goodness the woman is OK -- but the real story here is what kind of mayhem a woodland creature can cause. It would have been a lot more interesting if Hait talked to some pissed-off motorists.

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