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This Just In: June 20 - 27

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Summary: Attention, ladies! Help is on the way for those hideous-looking lobes! Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Stephanie Watson When it Aired: June 14 Running Time: 1 minute, 46 seconds Visuals: "Before" and "after" photos of women who've had a "lobe lift." Highlights: * When Watson wails, "A health alert for women everywhere who wear earrings and spend lots of time talking the phone. It could be taking a toll on how your ears look. But there could be a quick and easy way to solve the problem." * When she portrays one woman's plight: "[This woman] spends most of her day on the phone and always wears earrings. So her earlobes take a beating." * When the woman complains, "I don't like the way my earlobes look. ... [They] don't sit quite right. It's not very attractive, in my opinion." * Watson's warning: "With pierced ears, the hole tends to get pulled, and no matter what, over time, the lobe gets stretched out." * When a plastic surgeon decries our earlobes' destiny: "Everything sorta goes south." * When Watson illuminates this apparent newfound female obsession: "[This plastic surgeon] says a growing number of women are complaining about droopy earlobes. And now there's a new, quick way to give your ears a lift with [an injection], a filler traditionally used to get rid of wrinkles." * When the doctor explains the wondrous procedure's effects: "It plumps the earlobe. We can get rid of the wrinkles in the earlobe. We can elevate sagging earlobe holes." * When the woman who underwent the procedure reacts upon seeing the results: "Well. Oh my gosh. This is better than I thought it would do." * When Watson translates, "Here's the before-and-after comparison. [Her] earring isn't so droopy." * What We Learned: At last, a reprieve for those of us who blanch at grotesquely distorted earlobes! Unanswered Question: Say what? News Value: 0. When will local TV news stop pimping for the plastic-surgery industry?

Calendar Women

Summary: Some mature Monongahela women strike risqué poses -- for history's sake. Station: WPXI Channel 11 Reporter: Stuart Brown When it Aired: June 11 Running Time: 1 minute, 42 seconds Visuals: * The "girls" gathered on a front porch, having a doozy of a good time as they talk about their project. * The unflappable Brown standing on the porch behind the women, who are seated in a semi-circle. * Photos from the calendar itself. Highlights: * When a giggling Peggy Finegan introduces the story: "A dozen women all in their 70s and 80s go in front of the camera, and it's for a charity-driven calendar." * When Brown states hard and clear, "They may not be spring chickens, but these women aren't ready for the rocking chair, either. Inspired by the 2003 movie Calendar Girls, in which British women put out a nude calendar to raise money for cancer research, these girls decided to pose nearly nude ... to help raise money for the Monongahela Area Historical Society, and have fun as well." * When Miss November says, "There's no life in this town. We have to bring it to life. And I think we could do it, even at our age." * Brown's elaboration: "[This 82-year-old] poses as an almost-nude pilgrim as Miss November. [And this woman], the oldest at 85, and a former nightclub dancer, is Miss June." * When Miss June scoffs, "We didn't show our bodies. We just showed our necks. I wouldn't dare show any other part of it." * When Brown explains, "The idea came from [this 80-year-old], who's seen in a black convertible, apparently only wearing pearls. She knows why the stunt is getting attention." * When Miss January answers, "The fact that older women would even dare to do something like this." What We Learned: Preserving your body can help preserve history! Unanswered Question: Do you think these supercool chicks care if their earlobes are hanging low? News Value: 5. Brown treats the "girls" with dignity -- something a less-seasoned reporter might not have been able to pull off.

Mars Attacks Mount Pleasant

Summary: A must-see movie is being filmed in our area. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Keith Jones When it Aired: June 18 Running Time: 20 seconds Visuals: The many faces of morning anchor Keith Jones. Highlights: * When Jones warns, "If you see something unusual happening in Westmoreland County this week, don't worry: It's just a movie." * When he adds, "[C]rews are filming a new movie called Mars Attacks Mount Pleasant. This title strikes me funny, I don't know why. The producers say the movie is written to be a comedy poking fun at the media. The scenes for the film are being shot all around the Pittsburgh area." What We Learned: Poking fun at the media -- there's a novel idea. Unanswered Question: Why don't any other planets attack us? Mars, Mars, Mars! It's always Mars! News Value: 3.

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