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This Just In: Jan 9 - 16 


Summary: Spirits and hopes soar as Steelers fanatics prepare for our first playoff game! Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: John Shumway When it Aired: Jan. 5 Running Time: 2 minutes, 43 seconds Visuals: * Rootin,' tootin' rowdy Steelers fans swarming outside Heinz Field. * The National Guard Band performing in camouflage. * Much passionate, animated "woo"-ing and "hoo"-ing. Highlights: * When anchor Stephanie Watson sets the mood: "The Steelers and the Jaguars are still battling it out right now over at Heinz Field, but earlier tonight, [Shumway] caught up with a few Steelers fans as they headed into the game." * When we see fans chanting, "HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!" * When a Mount Washington man posits, "I think the guys have a different attitude towards this game. They got pushed around last time, and I think this game they're gonna show 'em who's the boss." * When a woman, also from Mount Washington, predicts, "I think we're gonna go all the way this year." * When a Monessen woman proclaims, "I bleed black and gold. I BLEED BLACK AND GOLD! Win, lose, I BLEED BLACK AND GOLD." Shumway inquires, "And what's happenin' tonight?" She answers, "We're winnin' tonight!" * When Shumway offers, "The fans are acutely aware of what happened during the last matchup of these teams." * An Irwin woman says, relatively calmly, "I think they're not gonna beat us again. We're in our home stadium, again. And we're gonna win. We're gonna go the whole way." * When a Mount Lebanon woman hollers, "They had their chance. They did it, they won, they kicked out butt. And this night is gonna be OUR NIGHT!' * When a man from Washington, Pa., assesses, "A lot of people have been sayin' to me they think the Steelers are gonna lose this game, but I think they're gonna shock everybody and win." What We Learned: Make sure that when you bleed black and gold, you do it outside: I hear it can stain your carpet. Unanswered Question: DO WE HAVE ANY OTHER CHANTS, PEOPLE? News Value: 4. It warms my heart to see people so excited about the home team, and even though this is predictable pre-game fluff, Shumway does a good job of capturing that.



Summary: Reaction to the Steelers' loss to Jacksonville. Station: KDKA on CW Reporter: Ross Guidotti When it Aired: Jan. 6 Running Time: 1 minute, 28 seconds
Visuals: * Despondent-looking Steelers straggling into their South Side training facility. * Game footage from the fourth quarter against Jacksonville, a grim reminder of how victory was so, so close. Highlights: * When anchor Stephanie Watson asks, "Well, are you ready to face it? Yes, the Steelers are now in the dreaded [off-]season. ... Today, our [reporter] talked with the team and some fans about how they're moving on." * When Guidotti narrates, "Wrapping up loose ends, one by one, the Pittsburgh Steelers walked into their South Side facility, the Jacksonville Jaguars closing the door on any of their Super Bowl hopes." * When Hines Ward reflects, "This year wasn't the year. But, you know, I'm proud of the guys the way they, you know, laid it out on the line, and they kept fightin' at the end. That's what it's all about." * When Guidotti continues, "[T]his morning, post-game Saturday-night Steeler fans were, of course, disappointed with the loss, but the overall vibe?" * When a male fan remarks, "Good season. Good team. Next year, they'll be great." * When a woman opines, "The season as a whole was actually better than I actually thought it was gonna be." * When another man says, "First-year coach, a couple personnel changes, so, 10 wins, I'm happy with that." What We Learned: We didn't win the game, but we should get the trophy for rationalization! Unanswered Question: Can I have the remote back now? News Value: 3. You settlers. Where are the dissenters, Guidotti?


And Baby Makes Three

Summary: A look at the first baby born in Pittsburgh this year. Station: WTAE Channel 4 Reporter: Mike Clark When it Aired: Jan. 1 Running Time: 41 seconds Visuals: * Mom, dad and baby seated together for the press. Highlights: * When Clark reads, "One local family ushered in this new year with another family member. After more than 15 hours of labor, Monica Valentine gave birth to a baby girl at 12:17 this morning. Gabriella Grace is apparently the first baby of 2008 in the Pittsburgh area. She was born with a full head of hair at West Penn Hospital. Beautiful. And weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds, 15 ounces." What We Learned: No wonder we're a weight-obsessed culture -- people start keeping track as soon as we're born. Unanswered Question: Why doesn't anyone ever do a story on the last baby born every year? News Value: 1. If only assignment editors could give birth to better story ideas.



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