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Frosted Layers

Summary: Tips for surviving January in Pittsburgh. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Harold Hayes When it Aired: Jan. 25 Running Time: 1 minute, 46 seconds Visuals: * A man riding a bicycle ... in frigid temperatures! * A nicely dressed Hayes, outside, braving the cold in style. Highlights: * When Hayes intones, "Well, the prospect of sub-zero wind chills has already brought in more than the usual number of frostbite cases in hospital emergency rooms, but the immediate concern during evening rush hour is bundling up in weather like this." * When he introduces us to a woman who knows the secret to staying warm: "Liz Cline of Brentwood doesn't take any chances on a day like today. She bundles in layers." * When Hayes reports, "The snow squalls, along with the wind, made a number of people take her advice, especially those waiting for buses, and certainly those who provided their own transportation in stiff winds." What, was she standing on a street corner handing out pamphlets? * When Hayes tells us, "Dr. Ankur Doshi ... says emergency rooms are gearing up for slips on ice, frostbite and potential hypothermia." * When Dr. Doshi advises, "[The] first thing is to make sure you minimize the amount of time you are outside. Just to plan your route well ... and then to plan for what you're gonna be outside for. ... So, lots of layers, lots of clothes ..." What We Learned: There's at least one potential glitch in the nudist lifestyle. Unanswered Question: Why don't emergency rooms prepare for Armageddon and be done with it? News Value: 0. Sorry, Harold -- you're usually a good storyteller, but at the end of the day, underneath all the layers is just some B.O.

At Least It's Not Denver

Summary: As part of continuing "winter weather" coverage, a reporter travels just north of the 'Burgh. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Bob Allen When it Aired: Jan. 25 Running Time: 1 minute, 34 seconds Visuals: * A man navigating his snow-dusted driveway with a noisy plow. * Another man using a leaf-blower to remove snow from his sidewalk. Highlights: * When anchor Stephanie Watson enlightens, "And the further north you travel ... the more snow you're likely to see. In Beaver County, many woke to find their cars covered. And some even relish the opportunity to finally put their snow-clearing equipment to good use. Bob Allen continues our team coverage ..." (Does he have to?) * When Allen reports, "Carl Simon finally got enough snow on his driveway in Center Township to use the plow on his lawn tractor." * When Simon says, "We're overdue for it. It sucks, but we're overdue for it. So -- at least it's not Denver." * When Allen apprises, "A mild storm left a coat of the white stuff covering trees, lawns and sidewalks throughout Beaver County." A man is shown using a leaf blower to clear his sidewalk, and Allen continues, "Roger Roach didn't think the snow was heavy enough to bring out his shovel." * When Allen assumes, "Most people don't seem to mind shoveling snow or brushing their cars off. They haven't had to do it very much this winter." * When a New Brighton woman offers, "We've been very lucky this winter. Now it's about time that we've had our winter weather." * When Allen wraps, "As you can see behind me, the streets are clear here in Rochester. ... In fact, New Brighton reports that the equipment is in good shape and salt supplies are plentiful for the rest of the winter." What We Learned: As water-main breaks seem to shrink in number, the snowfall comes just in time for local TV news! Unanswered Question: This need to drive a snowplow ... that's a guy thing I'm not getting, right? News Value: 1. At least it's not Denver.

More Local Team Coverage of the Snowstorm!

Summary: Presented in gripping detail, the weather that's necessitating all this team coverage. Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Jon Burnett When it Aired: Jan. 25 Running Time: 2 minutes, 17 seconds Visuals: * An image from the ominous "Viper" radar, which looks even scarier with Burnett standing next to it. * White patches of "snow" moving across a map of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Highlights: * When Burnett begins, "Yeah, what a day it's been. ... One minute, you'll have sunny or partly sunny skies, and the next minute you'll have a snow burst. A streamer off of Lake Erie, a squall that will go through and totally blind you." * When he continues, "Right now, things are starting to quiet down a little bit, but don't be surprised. Overnight, we will continue to see those streamers off of Lake Erie. As you look just north of I-80 you can see a fairly solid slug of precipitation." * When Burnett declares, "The snow is not through with us yet." * What We Learned: There's no business like snow business. Unanswered Questions: "Slug" of precipitation? Where can I get this weatherman's dictionary? News Value: 3. I think it's safe to change the channel now.

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