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This Just In: Jan 23 - 30 

Ah, for a chance to live the whirlwind life of the local television-news personality! But despair not, dear readers: We can live vicariously through them, reading about their exciting goings-on over on their blogs. Or at least you can over at WTAE-TV, which is the only station in town to jump on the blogwagon. (What's up, WPXI and KDKA?) Without further ado, I present a round-up of some of the latest blog entries on the WTAE site. (The "Reader Comments" are courtesy of yours truly.)


Melanie Taylor's Blog (

Entry: My Three Other Kids

Before we had Quinn Arabella we adopted 2 cats and a dog. Our cats are brother and sister and are Himalayan rag dolls. When you hold them they go limp like a rag doll. They are both 6 years old. They are very very shy around people. Most people never see them if they visit. But, they are always around us!

My husband named them Rizzo (for the girl ... brown hair) and Zucco (for the boy ... white hair). Yep ... from the movie GREASE.

Two years later he talked me into a dog. It isn't like I didn't want a dog, but dogs are more like real children. They need more attention and need walked and are harder to leave alone for longer periods of time. I fell in love with him when I saw him.

He is a Pembroke Welsh corgi. Just like Queen Elizabeth has. I have my own little KING.

I swore that I would NOT let my husband name him. It was my turn. So, I named him after my favorite movie ... JAWS ... After Chief Brody. Brody is 4 years old.


Reader Comment: I loved Jaws, too. That's why I have a pet shark.


Michelle Wright's Blog (

Entry: Yeah, It's Friday

Bundle up this weekend! I am not ready for the single digits. Did you hear the strange story about a bar owner challenging County Executive Dan Onorato to a boxing match?
WHAT!!! The owner is upset over the drink tax and wants to box Onorato. If Onorato wins, the drink tax stays and so does the smoking ban .... if the bar owner wins, the drink tax goes away. I'm sure we'll have more on our news tonight.

I just found this local blog. Very funny. Click on the sibling cutlery post and watch the funny video. We all watched it in the newsroom and laughed. The more we laughed the more people came over to watch it. I think I watched it six times.

I'm always looking for other local blogs to read. Here are a couple I read that make me laugh. ... But the language is not always clean ... so that's a warning. The Burgh Blog and Tunesmith and Anthony.


Reader Comment: Thanks for the shout-out to some local blogs that I really fucking enjoy, too.


Andrew Stockey's Blog (

Entry: Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I know many of you that watch the morning show might also get home in time for the 6 p.m. news. If you are one of those people, you may have done a double take last night and asked the following questions: Was that Andrew Stockey sitting next to Sally Wiggin ... and was he wearing the same suit and tie he had on this morning? The answer to both questions ... is yes.

It's not the first time I have done the morning and the evening shows. This time, Mike Clark was a bit under the weather so I came back later to anchor the 6 p.m. broadcast. This morning, I'm paying the price. I'm exhausted and -- after staying up late talking with Sharon about vacation plans -- I'm going on four hours sleep. I'm also going on adrenaline.

There is nothing like an adrenaline rush to get you going. When I was younger, I got that rush from playing football ... and as you can see below ... I had a little bit of success as a running back. When you get older and your playing days are long done, you need to find something else to excite you. For me, it's that rush of working in the non-stop world of TV news.


Reader Comment: On the suit: I love the smell of a man who recycles -- that's what makes that crazy, non-stop world of TV news keep on spinning, honey.

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