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Burning (Super Bowl) Ring of Fire

Summary: Super Bowl victory No. 6 for the Steelers ignites more than the crowd. Reporter: David Highfield, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 38 seconds on Feb. 2 Visuals: * Roaring, drunken people "celebrating." * Terrible Towels being waved from every possible place you could think of -- including traffic lights. Highlights: * When a sweaty, exhausted-looking but composed Bob Pompeani, live from Tampa Bay, throws it to Oakland, where Highfield seems to be handling things quite well (at least on camera): "Celebrations are taking place right now as we told you throughout Pittsburgh." * When a somewhat disheveled-looking Highfield reports, "Hi, Bob. Yeah, we are in Oakland here, where the celebrating got a little bit outta control. Now, I will say the crowd is beginning to thin a little bit here, but this is one of the fires right over here. It is out, but take a look at some video from what it looked like earlier. This was a sofa that somebody set on fire, and some other rubbish that they added to it. Just one of several fires that we've seen here." * When he adds, "In fact, we just ran over ... to a fire on Atwood Street where a car was sideways in the street. Somebody lit that on fire, the windows were smashed out. There was also another fire on Forbes Avenue." * When Highfield manages to find an upside to all this mayhem: "The good news is, we have not heard of anyone being injured here." * When Highfield continues to huff and puff, "In fact, there's a strong police presence. We've seen police officers in riot gear, we've seen a state-police helicopter flying overhead, we've also seen state police -- they almost look like tanks -- ah, police officers mounted on horseback as well, moving through here to disperse the crowds. But again, a number of fires, two people at least taken into custody -- I saw those two people taken into custody. They were from a large fire down here on Forbes Avenue. And the crowd, although still very active out here as they celebrate No. 6, it seems as though it's thinning out just a little bit. That's the very latest from Oakland. We'll send it back to you in the studio." What We Learned: Keep this in mind for Valentine's Day, guys: There's no better way to show your passion than by setting your girl's sofa on fire or overturning her car! Unanswered Question: Where can I get a good deal on a new sofa? News Value: 3. Whoa. Are we in West Virginia, people?

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