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Summary: An inside look at the auto show. Reporter: Jon Delano, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 14 seconds on Feb.13 Visuals: * Archival black-and-white footage from a Pittsburgh car show in 1958. Highlights: * When anchor Stephanie Watson begins, "The 2009 International Auto Show is underway at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and everybody has an opinion about what the hot cars are this year." * When a very spunky Delano recalls, "Flash-back 50 years, and the auto show was all about cars for the men, and hot fashions for the women. Today, women care about cars as much as men, and the focus is on 'hot' cars." * When Delano asks a Penn Hills man, "Are there any hot cars here?" And the man answers, plain and simple, "I like the Hondas. That's hot enough for me." * When a 50ish, Forest Hills woman says, "I like the Audis, Saabs." Delano asks, "What do you like about 'em?" She answers, "Just the general comfort. Classy look. The lines." * When an 18-year-old Mars boy speaks fondly of a muscle car from Dodge: "This is a pretty nice car, the new Challenger. ... I like the '70s look about it. That's pretty cool. * When an older Slippery Rock man says, "I'm not lookin' for a hot car. I'm past that stage." That's OK, daddio. You're hot just as you are. * "But with twin daughters, and another on the way, this [family] wants a bigger car," Delano says. "We like the Routan," a Robinson family man says. "The Volkswagen Routan. Seems pretty cool. We just headed over here to look at the Chryslers as well." * When Delano observes, "There's plenty of choices. But to many, price is what counts." And to prove it, he asks an older man in a ballcap, "So, a hot car to you is one that's priced reasonably?" * The man replies, "Oh, absolutely. Like the Hyundai. And of course, they even have that policy where now they'll refund your money if you've lost your job. I think that's a nice incentive." * When an animated Delano elaborates, "Maybe it's no surprise, but what we found is that the definition of a hot car really depends on what you like, and what you need." * When Delano jumps on the back of the bed of a truck and says, "Like we found a lot of folks looking for a truck -- others are looking for a car that gets 41 miles per gallon in the city. And some people want to improve our intellectual prowess by driving a Smart Car." * When Delano ends his report from the driver's seat of a Corvette and says, "And some of us are still living our youthful dreams." What We Learned: Delano could have a future as a car salesman. Unanswered Question: What about those of us who want cool cars? News Value: 5. Delano provides full coverage of the show, and actually gets us excited about it. I've never seen a man that age jump so damn high. That's what I call reporting!

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