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This Just In: Feb 13 - 20 

The Waste Land

Summary: Pittsburgh is sitting on millions of dollars of property that could be put to better use, say local leaders. Station: WPXI Channel 11 Reporter: Rick Earle When it Aired: Feb. 7 Running Time: 2 minutes, 44 seconds Visuals: * City garbage trucks, some parked, some motoring around. Highlights: * When Earle begins, "A developer's dream: 20 acres of land along the Allegheny River north of the Strip District. What's there now? Garbage trucks and the auto pound." * When Councilor Bill Peduto asks, "And is the best use for it a place where stolen cars are towed? Of course not." * When Earle adds, "Another hot spot? Recently shut down Reizenstein Middle School. Marketable property right in the middle of growing East Liberty." * When Peduto muses, "That's prime real estate that could be sold and that money could be used to save and keep Schenley [High School] open." * Earle's follow-up: "Target 11 has discovered that the City of Pittsburgh has paid more than $300,000 over the past five years to rent this warehouse ... near Hazelwood. Critics contend it's a big waste when the city already owns so much land." * When Peduto laments, "What bothers me more than the wasted money is the fact that we have no plan and that we don't even have a plan to have a plan." * When Earle adds, "Peduto says it's time for Pittsburgh to take inventory of all government-owned buildings." * What We Learned: Land, land, everywhere -- and not a drop to drink! Unanswered Question: Does anyone oppose this idea? News Value: 5. This story has lots of numbers, but lacks passion, which often happens with one-dimensional stories.


A Bad Wrap

Summary: A news anchor tries out a new beauty treatment. Station: WTAE Channel 4 Reporter: Kelly Frey When it Aired: Feb. 8 Running Time: 3 minutes, 23 seconds Visuals: * Cosmetic products meant to make you look younger. * Frey looking like a big boob in her "face bra." Highlights: * When Frey queries, to the beat of manic music, "To what length will you go for smooth skin, a chiseled chin or to wipe away your wrinkles?" * After a woman asks, "What is a 'face bra?'" Frey responds: "You heard it right: Bras aren't just for bosoms anymore." * When Vicki Southard, inventor of the face bra, pitches, "The face bra is the actual piece of fabric that is worn on the face, and the purpose of the face bra is to keep the special minerals on the skin for about an hour so that they have a chance to absorb." * When Frey introduces Southard: "I asked her to show me how the face bra works, and let's just say, it's not the prettiest reporting piece I've ever done." * When she adds, "Inside the $129 kit, you'll find a shower cap, directions ... and a squirt bottle for basting. Yes, basting. I'll have more on that in a moment." Great. Now I have something to look forward to. * When Frey gives us a run-through -- "I get prepped, by securing a large pink headband. ... Then, one by one, we strap the bandages around my noggin. And my neck. The final wrap is fixed on my forehead." * When Frey recalls, "And remember that basting part? Every 10 to 15 minutes, you squirt out the leftover liquid. This way, the wrap always stays wet." * When Frey reveals, "And now, for my results. ... See a difference? I'll leave that up to you to decide." What We Learned: That I just wasted 3 minutes and 23 seconds of my life. Unanswered Question: What would be your prettiest reporting piece? The pole dancing? News Value: 1 -- for the heads-up not to buy this thing.


Big Love

Summary: Couples get married all over again! Station: KDKA Channel 2 Reporter: Stephanie Watson When it Aired: Feb. 11 Running Time: 1 minute, 42 seconds
Visuals: * A crowd inside the Carnegie Music Hall. * Luke and Erin Ravenstahl leading the lovefest. Highlights: * When Watson reports, "Valentine's Day is still a few days away, but that didn't stop 750 local couples celebrating at the Carnegie Music Hall the most romantic holiday of the year at the same trying to make history." * When she continues, "Many couples pick Valentine's Day to say, 'I do.' But today, 750 couples are saying 'I do' again and trying to set a world record." * When a second-time groom explains why: "To be part of history, to be honest with you." * When Watson adds, "But it's not all about the world record. A chance to celebrate love in an unusual way has them digging out their wedding dress and tux all over again." * When Watson ends, "The current record is 272 couples, set in 2007 in Sydney, Australia." What We Learned: The more the marry. Unanswered Question: How many brides and grooms actually fit into their original gowns and tuxes? News Value: 3. How sweet.



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