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Model Soldiers

Summary: Local magazine WHIRL brings area soldiers together for a pictorial. Reporter: Ari Hait, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 1 minute, 52 seconds on April 24 Visuals: * Camera stills from outside Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum in Oakland punctuated with "shutter sounds" ... so we are sure this is a photo shoot. Highlights: * When Hait does his best to make this sound like a story and not a magazine promo: "This is actually the second year that WHIRL magazine has done this photo shoot honoring our servicemen and -women, and for the second year in a row they chose the same date, April 24. And for the second year in a row, they got a perfect weather day." * When Victoria Bradley of WHIRL asserts, "We really want to put face to the stories. We really want to salute members of our local military, people from Western Pennsylvania who are supporting our country." * When a male Army reservist comments, "It feels great to know that we can put our faces out there, that our families can see us, and we can kinda huddle together and smile a little bit and be proud." * When a female soldier says, "It's great to have Pittsburgh know who we are." * When Hait says, "And [they] are soldiers from each branch of our military -- some active, some veterans, all proud to serve their country." * When Bradley narrates, "[W]e took a first shot on the lawn right behind me with the sun coming and hitting the building ... then we got them on the stairs right next to me here." * When Hait continues, "And as the sun came up, the camera kept going ... soldiers positioned and posed for the better part of an hour, and proud to do it." * When the photographer asks the Marines in the back, "Can you move a baby step that way?" * When a Navy man remarks, "It makes ya take a deep breath, and stick your chest out a little more, and you want to represent your individual service a little better, but it still makes you feel proud to stand amongst your fellow service members." * When Hait plugs, "If you're looking to pick up a copy of this magazine, it's actually the July issue of WHIRL magazine, it will be on newsstands the last week of June." What We Learned: You can put soldiers in a glossy magazine, but there's no glossing over war. Unanswered Question: Gee, what does a subscription cost, Ari? News Value: 2. WHIRL boasts of an affluent and "social" readership: It celebrates Mother's Day, for example, by featuring socialite business moms. Nice to see it throwing a bone to soldiers, whose civic duty goes a bit beyond attending gala fundraisers

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