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This Just In: April 23 - 30 

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Obama Drama

Summary: Protesters gather in Market Square Downtown on tax day. Reporter: Stacy Smith, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 6 seconds on April 15 Visuals: * Protesters marching in the rain, carrying umbrellas and signs that say things like, "STOP BAILOUTS NOW!" and "Redistributing wealth is tyranny." Highlights: * When Smith declares, "Thousands of people are taking part in tea-party protests today across the country. The movement began with one man's rant on cable ... and has grown into a massive grassroots campaign ... that brought Pittsburghers out in full force today." * When one protester says, "We don't want any more bailouts, we don't want our children's future mortgaged, we don't want our country going down the road to socialism." * When another complains, "They're trying to minimize my freedom, my liberty, take away my rights." * When a third protester says, "I'm a Navy veteran of 21 years and I didn't fight and donate my life to have us going the direction we're going right now." * When Smith explains, "The 'tea-party movement' began in February, when CNBC analyst Rick Santelli went on a rant about how taxpayers were forced to pay for bad mortgages." * A clip from the cable show, in which Santelli protests, "This is America! How many of you people want to pay for their neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills? Raise their hand! President Obama, are you listening?!" * When Smith follows, "Within days, organizers bombarded the Internet with calls for protests across the country, inspired by the Boston Tea Party of 1773. And today's protest was not without incident. Some people showed up to protest the protesters." * When a Braddock man defends the president: "Obama's gonna try to put this country back in line. [Former President Bush] messed up, him and his daddy messed up. Eight years they had it!" * When a young man -- identified by KDKA's tag as "against protesters" -- asserts, "[W]hat they do not realize [is] it's not just the president himself, there's a whole branch of government that he has to abide by." What We Learned: Pittsburghers are dexterous -- able to carry umbrellas and protest signs at once! Unanswered Question: Hundreds of people constitute Pittsburgh in "full force"? Boy, have we lowered our expectations. News Value: 3. A pretty uninspiring piece on what was probably a very inspired protest.



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