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Vehicles Run Amok!

Summary: Two crazy-ass crashes in Pittsburgh in one night. WTF? Reporter: Dee Thompson, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 31 seconds on April 10 Visuals: * Some pretty brutal footage of a Volkswagen crashed into a pizza shop. * A sign in the pizza-shop window that reads, "Drivers wanted." Highlights: * When Thompson invites us to "[l]ook at the damage a 30-year-old Verona man did to a Downtown pizza shop shortly before 3 a.m. According to Zone 2 police, he was going at a high rate of speed near 30th and Butler streets in Lawrenceville when they gave pursuit. He was going so fast, they almost lost him. But he failed to negotiate a bend at Ninth and Penn downtown and literally flew through the window of this Pizza Parma shop. You can see the glass he left, all over Ninth Street. Police arrested him two blocks away near the Clemente Bridge." * When Thompson continues, "Two hours before that, a 26-year-old Green Tree man lost control of his car in ... Green Tree. He woke up a quiet neighborhood after side-swiping a utility pole and slamming into two parked cars and a house." * When a neighbor gives us his account of the incident: "[T]here's some skid marks on the street, so it looks like he came down, lost control, came through our yard, hit my car, went into the neighbor's yard. It looked like he was going pretty fast, and I think if my car wasn't there, he mighta ended up in the house next door." * When Thompson reports, "No one was in the parked cars, but there was considerable damage to all the vehicles and some property damage. ... No one was hurt other than the driver, who is being tested for driving under the influence." Thompson then wraps from the Allegheny County jail: "Police say both men face numerous charges." What We Learned: Crash ... pizza ... skid marks ... Dee's hat. That's all I got out of it, anyway. Unanswered Question: Why don't people ever wreck in loud neighborhoods? News Value: 2. I know Dee has only so much time to deliver all this information, but he was delivering it so fast that I'm giving him a ticket for talking under the influence of crappy management. Tell those people at Channel 11 to give you a break, man! Don't they know OLD PEOPLE need to hear this stuff?

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