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Think Like a Man

Steve Harvey's relationship guide hits the big screen


Tim Story's ensemble comedy is another roundelay of relationship foibles all rooted in the overplayed tropes about how men and women approach dating and romance differently. This time out, all the answers come from Steve Harvey's real-life advice book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which, in the film, is endlessly displayed, quoted from and ultimately proven 100 percent right. So, it's a book infomercial starring a slate of good-looking African-American actors (plus singer Chris Brown, who may need another book), doing their best to put a fresh spin on the same old cross-gender sniping. It's a pretty lazy venture, but you might get a chuckle if you reckon that men are pigs, women are too picky and so on. Starts Fri., April 20. (Al Hoff)

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