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Think Like a Man Too

Pre-wedding parties do predictably awry in this ensemble comedy

The couples from the 2012 ensemble rom-com are back, and taking a fun trip to Las Vegas for a wedding. But first! Separate bachelor and bachelorette parties that almost immediately get wildly out-of-control. (Hint: The parties do reunite ... in jail!) Tim Story returns to the director's chair in this sequel to the 2012 hit, loosely based on Steve Harvey's titular guide to modern relationships. The book-advice angle is downplayed here in favor of a PG-13 Hangover-type romp, and Caesar's Palace resort gets most of the extraneous on-screen promotion. (But here's free advice not offered or taken: Don't get so drunk!) The mildly raucous film offers nothing new on Vegas, relationships or learning to be a better person. But star Kevin Hart never stops working his motor-mouth gag machine, and his fans, and those of strip-club brawls, should be entertained.

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