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These Final Hours

In this Australian indie, a man and girl look for closure during Earth's last hours

So, the world's about to end in a fiery cataclysm in a few hours — what are you going to do? That's the set-up in writer-director Zak Hilditch's new drama, set in Perth, Australia. For feckless James (Nathan Phillips), the plan is to obliterate himself at a massive sex-and-drugs party, but navigating the lawless streets to get there, he winds up rescuing Rose (Angourie Rice), a young girl separated from her family. Hours then becomes a mini-road film as the pair drives around town trying to find relatives and settle their souls for the inevitable. Along the way, James does make it to the party, but the wild-and-crazy set piece with its cartoonish attendees doesn't gel well with the film's quieter, better material about facing a reckoning and seeking redemption.

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