THE WORLD'S FASTEST INDIAN | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
 In this inspirational charmer for the AARP set, a crusty but affable New Zealand pensioner named Bert Munroe (Anthony Hopkins) pursues his dream halfway around the world. In the mid-1960s, he takes his hand-tinkered 1920 Indian motorcycle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to see just how fast the old bike will go. His low-budget but single-minded journey is marked by both amusing setbacks and the kindness of strangers. There's a whiff of the apocryphal to Roger Donaldson's lighthearted feature -- but there really was such likable old codger, and he really did set a slew of land-speed records on his ancient motorbike (a history also captured in Donaldson's 1971 documentary about Munroe, Offerings to the God of Speed). Hopkins dials back his cultured gravitas for this role, and it's enjoyable to see him in a fun turn, as he imbues Munroe with a breezy naiveté and a bit of old-school manliness. (AH)

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