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The Vow

What if your new wife suffered a brain injury and forgot all about you?


A twentysomething Chicago artist named Paige (Rachel McAdams) is in a car accident, and develops partial amnesia: She can't recall anything from the past couple of years — not her art, the man who claims to be her husband or why she stopped speaking to her family. Needless to say, the now-estranged hubby, Leo (Channing Tatum), still loves her, and works to win her back. This is complicated by the fact that Paige v. 1.0 — now rebooted — was a boring rich kid from the suburbs, while the Paige v. 2.0 whom Leo fell in love with was a funky, urbane artist. The material in Michael Sucsy's film is played more for romantic drama than laughs. (It's actually inspired by a real-life couple who confronted this seemingly only-in-the-movies dilemma.) The stars are adorably cute, and give likable low-key performances that help to gloss over the general wispiness of the story. The Vow isn't ooey-gooey, high melodrama or rom-com goofy; it's just sort of sweet, and hopeful — if not totally sure — that true love will prevail.

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