THE UPSIDE OF ANGER | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

After her husband leaves her, a suburban mom (Joan Allen) finds strength in anger, vodka and, to her surprise, a tentative romance with her neighbor (Kevin Costner), a baseball has-been. Her four teen-age daughters bedevil her, even as they beg her to chill out. Mike Binder's melodrama about a family moving forward after a huge loss provides generous portions of black comedy, most of it situational. The burgeoning romance between Allen and Costner is portrayed with a matter-of-fact awkwardness that saves it from the cloying goop that often accompanies movie romances. Allen will never be goopy; she's the go-to gal for genteel suburban-mom fury and she delivers most of her lines etched in acid. Costner, like his contemporary Dennis Quaid, has traded in his '80s he-man vibe for a rumpled, slightly off-track middle-aged befuddlement -- and it suits him. 

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