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Claude Berri reveals his own humanity along with his characters' in this tender but lively semi-autobiographical 1967 comedy (original French title: The Old Man and the Boy). A Jewish couple in occupied Paris send 8-year-old Claude to "live like a little Catholic for a while" in the country with a friend's elderly parents. Grampa (the legendary Michel Simon) is a cantankerous but kindly eccentric with a face like a sack of ripe grapes; he's also a devout anti-Semite who blames the Jews for the war. The beauty of Berri's film is to lay bare an old man's foolishness not only without cruelty but with considerable humor, largely via Claude -- a lad precocious enough to make the old man question whether he doesn't look like a Jew himself. Also screening: Berri's charming early short "Le Poulet." In French, with subtitles. (BO) 

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