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The Tim and Eric Awesome Show guys head our way.

The interview you are about to read is false. 

The quotes are real, but what's said in them is up for debate -- it's absurd, awkward and, if Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are doing their jobs, pretty funny. 

The two comedians are the stars of Adult Swim series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Each 11-minute episode plays like the acid trip of Bozo the Clown -- absolutely absurd scenes of cross-dressing, singing and dancing, advice-giving, and news-broadcasting, complete with colorful, lo-fi video and sound effects. It's either brilliant satire or drivel that an 8-year-old could make. 

Maybe that's the point. Heidecker and Wareheim, who hit Pittsburgh Nov. 22 with their stage show, blur the line between weird imagination and weirder reality. They're funny like "mom jeans," or 1970s pornography -- uncomfortably awkward, so you've got to laugh.  

"You should expect probably one of the greatest shows you're ever going to see," Heidecker says of the tour, which includes the duo's band, Pusswhip Banggang, and comedian Neil Hamburger. "It has laughs, comedy, drama, dancing, singing, onstage partying and professional comedians doing what they do best, which is entertainment to the max."

But what does that mean, exactly?

"Master Chef P.F. Chang cooks a meal for the audience. He prepares a big noodle dish and everyone gets a small Dixie cup full," says Heidecker, in a phone interview. 

"Last night, during one of my guitar solos, I got so high that I blacked out for 20 minutes," Wareheim adds.

"The good news is that P.F. had just finished cooking and was washing up on the sidelines," says Heidecker. "He ran and picked up the Les Paul and just started wailing on it. When Eric woke up, he thought P.F. still had soy sauce on his hands and started screaming, but I'm going, 'He washed! Nothing to worry about!'"

"I was very upset. I pulled the plug on the show," says Wareheim. "Sorry, Denver."

Though Heidecker says the two met when they "filled out strategic partnership applications on," the duo actually began working together as film majors at Temple University, collaborating on short films. Their show, launched in 2007, quickly garnered a young fan base raised on awkward, no-punchline comedy like The Office.

Inspiration comes from very specific moments, they say. 

"I only work when I eat BLTs," says Wareheim. "You can quote that."

"I find I'm most creative just seconds before I masturbate," adds Heidecker. "But I put all my energy into masturbating, then I forget all my ideas."

But they do have enough ideas for a full tour, including their first-ever stop in Pittsburgh. 

"We're going to give 200 percent," says Wareheim. "Pittsburgh is the one we're most excited for. Honest."


Tim and Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular 2010 7 p.m. Mon., Nov. 22. Carnegie Library and Music Hall, Munhall. $25-27. 412-368-5225 or

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