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The Third Round: Pittsburgh's political podcast

Season One, Episode One: The Pilot Episode!

It's The Third Round, Pittsburgh's classic political podcast, returning to podworld for the 2020 Election.

Every four years, our Fair Swing State has the dubious pleasure of out-of-state political pundits, organizations, and other experts descending like buzzards on Pennsylvania to try to tell us locals what's what. The Third Round gives Pennsylvania voters, politicians, and journalists our own forum on Election-year politics.

Each week host Ryan Deto, Pittsburgh City Paper news editor, our lovely moderator Patrick Clark, and our group of local political gadflies meet together to let it all hang out (politically) on Zoom from our favorite COVID-safe local Keystone State watering holes.

In this first episode, Deto speaks to Allegheny County Councilor Liv Bennett about mail-in voting and "naked ballots," then discusses the future of progressive politics in Allegheny County with Councilor Bethany Hallam, before wrapping up a talk about small business and coronavirus with Breanna Adams of the Erie County Department of Health.

So grab your favorite local beer, fancy cocktail, or a jelly jar of your uncle's fruit wine and be a part of the action in Pennsylvania Politics right here on The Third Round, brought to you by Pittsburgh City Paper.

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