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"Resist. Occupy. Produce." That's the rallying cry of a small but influential labor movement in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital battered by failed political and economic policies of the last decade. There, workers left unemployed when factories close move into the shuttered facilities, and as a collective without bosses, re-start production. This Canadian-produced documentary from Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein (author of No Logo) tracks a group of men as they attempt to re-open an auto-parts factory, while somewhat fleshing out the larger anti-globalism movement and Argentine's deeply troubled financial state. The film is best when it lets the men -- down but not out -- tearfully articulate their outrage and hopes. Naturally, the reality of the struggle is tougher than the ideal, but the persistence and ultimate success of these few labor activists is wholly inspirational and surely will cause a few hairs to rise on the well-groomed necks of corporate elite. In English, and Spanish with subtitles. (AH)

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