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The boredom of a small 1950s Icelandic coastal village is shattered when the formerly dumpy Freya (Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir) returns from America, recently widowed and newly glamorous. Her forthright nature rallies the town's women; her otherworldliness befuddles the men. Her cousin, mouthy 11-year-old Agga (Ugla Egilsdóttir), believes Freya to be a murderess, but she adores her anyway. Indeed, in ágíºst Gudmundsson's ensemble comedy-drama, the women rule the roost; the men -- the friendly cop, the town drunks, the rich engineer -- are mere pawns, especially in Freya's and Agga's machinations, the true nature of which the story slyly conceals. Set amidst Iceland's stark beauty and against of background of regional myths, this quirky comedy of manners is propelled by the delightful talents of its two female leads, each portraying unreliable narrators who like fabled women of mystery exercise their power by never quite revealing all. In Icelandic with subtitles.


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