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The Salvation

Danish actor Mad Mikkelsen heads up this revenge Western

Westerns are rare these days, so fans might want to pony up for this Danish-produced, South African-shot revenge drama that tips its hat to the bleaker revisionist Westerns of the late 1960s and early '70s. Set in frontier America in 1871, Kristian Levring's Salvation doesn't break any new ground, but it's wholly serviceable for those seeking a no-nonsense killing-and-corruption exercise, led by a stony, chiseled-featured wronged man (Mads Mikkelsen). After killing the men who killed his wife and child, our hero finds himself the target of the town's corrupt and violent overseer (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). More people are killed. At 90 minutes, Salvation doesn't have the epic sprawl of its antecedents (or their cinematic glory), but that's to be expected in this portrayal of a man who's efficient in both homesteading and revenge-killing. The 7 p.m. Thu., March 19, screening is part of the Spaghetti Western series, and includes movie and spaghetti dinner; reservations required at 412-766-1668.

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