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The Raid: Redemption

It's cops vs. killers in this Indonesian martial-arts actioner


Things go bad when a SWAT team tries to take out a crime lord's empire inside a rundown Jakarta high rise. Now, the few remaining cops have to fight their way out. Fortunately, the cops are highly skilled marksmen and hand-to-hand fighters. Unfortunately, so are the thugs! Gareth Evans' actioner is a non-stop parade of ultra-violent yet balletic martial arts, punctuated with pauses for silent tension or a bit of exposition. Death comes in the form of guns, knives, the odd stray implement (you won't soon forget that fluorescent light tube), and so many hands, feet, elbows, knees and heads. The Raid's highlighted weapon is pencak silat, an Indonesian mixed-martial art similar to muy thai. (It's no gentlemanly karate, but a prolonged sweaty, bloody fight to the death.) It's all well done if you like this sort of basically plotted showcase of grievous bodily harm. In Indonesian, with subtitles. (Al Hoff)

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