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The Other Man

Surprises await the man investigating his wife's lover

A man (Liam Neeson), happily married for more than 20 years, is stunned to discover that his shoe-designer wife (Laura Linney) has been having an affair. Enraged, he tracks down the Milan-based lover (Antonio Banderas) through trickery and stalking, before befriending him -- the better to learn more about the secret side of his spouse. If you've seen your fair share of domestic melodramas, even the few twists in Richard Eyre's film won't be that much of a surprise. (And I don't need to tell you that digging into secrets of the past is never a good idea.) What will keep a viewer engaged are the performances of these three reliable actors, who must be commended, along with Eyre, for underplaying potentially histrionic material. The conclusion is a bit of a stretch, but you'll likely not mind. Squirrel Hill

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