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The Muppets

They're back ... and back on the big screen!

Those beloved puppet stars of television, The Muppets, have scattered to the wind: Kermit is a recluse; Miss Piggy is working in Paris; others are either retired, in plumbing or heading up a band called The Moopets. Their old studio is in disrepair, and about to be sold to an oil developer (Chris Cooper). But not if Gary (Jason Segel) and his puppet brother, Walter -- plus Gary's girlfriend (Amy Adams) -- can reunite the Muppets and stage a telethon to save the land -- and the franchise. (Just saying: This is the exact same plot as Disney's other, much weirder human-puppet movie, The Country Bears.) It's enough of a story for director James Bobin to hang with plenty of gags, musical numbers and life lessons, all unfolding on colorful, semi-silly sets. This film seems perfectly tailored for those now-grown up fans of The Muppets. Sure, kids will enjoy it, but all the in-jokes, the celebrity cameos and nods to history (see how many images of Muppet-creator Jim Henson you can find) will especially tickle the funny bones and warm the hearts of those who grew up internalizing everything about The Muppets.

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