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The most reliable places to buy a car in and around Pittsburgh

We judged local car dealerships by their key performance indicator: commercials

There's so much to consider when buying a car. Fuel economy, price, and practicality are just the tip of the iceberg. Finding the right dealer, let alone perfect vehicle, can be daunting. Luckily — for those of you in the market — I have narrowed down the most reliable local dealers based on what Pittsburghers covet the most from a good relationship: a competent commercial.

South Park Mitsubishi
Forget the fact that South Park Mitsubishi is actually located in Bethel Park, Gokhan Cinar doesn't have time for details. Between feverishly pointing, making fists, and teasing his hair, Cinar moves an aggressive volume of Mitsubishis. ARE YOU EXCITED?! Not yet? Then watch this commercial, featuring a 250 BPM, techno banger produced by a former Matrix DJ. 

South Park Mitsubishi from Matt Scherrah on Vimeo.

C. Harper
If getting danced-up on while kicking the tires of a Lancer isn't your thing, ditch the Go soundtrack and get skronking to the horn-heavy theme of Dr. Klopek down at C. Harper. This guy looks trustworthy, like a grandfather who gives you a government bond for your birthday. And you know his cars will mature just as well. Not convinced. Well, Harper has sold enough cars to build up quite the drone-footage/Hines Ward budget. Which he keeps under his mattress.

Solomon Auto Group
Hell, I loved the last episode of The Sopranos.

Day Automotive
Popcorn, balloons, hot dogs, and a child who is not sure what he's participating in. If Day has all of that in their commercial, imagine how diverse their car selection is. They "make car buying fun again." Just don't tell anybody it was never fun in the first place. Instead, shove a hotdog in your mouth and splurge on that leather trim.

#1 Cochran
Time to sit down for some real talk with Rob Cochran. Or as his family calls him, "Number One." Rob had initially resisted the siren song of car sales "because the stigma that was attached to it." But in time, he found that same transparency he had seen many times before in the 20-footers breaking on the Banzai Pipeline off O'ahu's North Shore. So go hang 10 percent off a new or pre-owned Hyundai, Buick, or Nissan.

Kenny Ross
Maybe you have set your sights on a luxurious Mercedes Benz or a rugged Jeep Wrangler. Or maybe you're looking for a "Kenny Ross car." Well, Kenny Ross is the perfect place for all of your Kenny Ross car needs.

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