THE MEMORY OF A KILLER | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
A hitman, Ledda, fighting the onset of Alzheimer's, arrives in Brussels to dispose of two individuals, but finds the assignment complicated when the second target is revealed to be a child. Tracking the first killing, two detectives discover that Ledda, while avoiding arrest, appears to be providing clues to a much larger crime, possibly a conspiracy involving high-level politicians. Directed by Erik Van Looy from Jef Geeraerts' novel The Alzheimer Case, Memory is well-executed procedural drama with a foray into the psychologies that drive both the cat and the mouse, and their intertwined fates. Despite the relatively fast pace of justice on exhibit here, nearly all the characters are defined by traits that constrain their actions, be it conscience, illness, fear or loyalty. The scene-stealer is Jan Decleir, who with his battered mug imbues the conflicted, end-of-the-line Ledda with a conviction that's both chilling and sympathetic. In French and Dutch, with subtitles. (AH)

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