The Lost Boys of Sudan | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk's documentary follows the physical and emotional journey of two Sudanese "lost boys," young men made homeless by civil war who are re-located by charities to the United States. While some aspects of their lives improve, the camera quietly records what our warm fuzzy assumptions about charity often neglect. Peter and Santino, initially deposited in the low-rent suburbs of Houston, confront survivor guilt, social alienation (they are mystified to discover African Americans aren't the brothers they'd imagined), and devastating confusion at the complexities of American life. Their stories are still hopeful, but the filmmakers elucidate that simply moving to America is no fairy-tale ending -- not when there is a nearly unfathomable miasma of social, racial and economic pitfalls awaiting even the most determined immigrant. The 7:45 p.m. screening on Fri., Aug. 13, will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Sudanese "lost boys" who were relocated to Pittsburgh.  2.5 cameras

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