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The Lomito food truck adds a storefront location in Bloomfield

The signature Lomito Completo steak sandwich is worth stopping for

For the past 16 months, the Lomito Truck has been rolling out Paraguayan street food to customers across the region.

But on Sat., Nov. 1, owners Hoon Kim and Damon Dlubak will officially open the doors of Lomito's sit-down restaurant in Bloomfield.

The restaurant has been going through a soft opening for the past few weeks at the site of Kim's former sushi restaurant, Fukuda. The new spot is cozy and comfortable, with a half-dozen tables plus additional seating at the counter.

Like the truck, the shop's signature dish is the lomito, a sirloin-steak sandwich. Also like the mobile operation, the most popular offering is the Lomito Completo.

It offers: a generous portion of sirloin, topped with provolone, ham, lettuce, tomato, a fried egg and chimichurri sauce. A Lomito Simple eschews the egg; the Lomita Manchito adds ham, avocado and bacon; and the vegetariano substitutes grilled peppers and onions for the steak. For an extra $3, diners can add a beverage, such as fresh-squeezed lemonade, and either a side of Havana corn-on-the-cob or feijoada (rice and beans).

But the real star here is the sandwich. Eating a Lomito Completo is a two-handed, 12-napkin affair. The runny egg mixes with the chimichurri to make a classic steak sandwich taste exotic and decadent.

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