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The Local releases Reverie

The songs hint at Brit-rock but are delivered with more of a laid-back energy

The Local
Wednesday Records

The Local is a trio that began with husband and wife duo Dean and Jenny Henry and their friend Ben Sweet. Since recording its debut EP Reverie, the band has added Eric Matlock on keys and percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Lynch, a fitting choice given the big, layered rock music sound found on Reverie. The band moves between songs that hint at Brit-rock bands like Buzzcocks (“Fair Play” and “Over”), but the tracks are delivered with more of a laid-back energy. 

The record’s standout track is the closer, “Impatience Blues,” a song that overflows with sentimentality. It begins as a quiet, ambient-tinged step back on a record full of mostly driving indie rock songs. But three minutes in, the song gives way to a driving build, one that swells into a brightly energetic instrumental with a catchy bass riff.

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