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The new song from Stone Throwers is funky. It also doesn’t waste any time. “Game” clocks in at just under two minutes, but you probably won’t need that long to start dancing.  

Stone Throwers don’t sound like a band that met up at a bluegrass jam night, but that’s how frontman Dave Didio says they came together. Didio had been writing songs ever since his house was broken into and (almost) everything of value was stolen.  

“Fortunately, they didn’t steal my guitar. I was living in this crappy studio apartment at the time and I would come home and there would be nothing for me to do except play the guitar.” He also tried his hand at performing, where he met Simon Howard, his songwriting partner in Stone Throwers. 

Despite the upbeat, funky, soul vibe of “Game,” Didio says the song was written about his experience with anxiety created by a new relationship. He says it came from a place of frustration of “just like wanting to skip ahead past the games and the opaqueness and the uncertainty to get to a point of clarity.”

But he adds, “Our philosophy is basically once we record something and release it, it doesn't belong to us anymore. There might've been an original meaning from my personal experiences, but if someone tunes in and listens to this song and it resonates with them and it means something to them, then that's what it's about, right?”

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