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The Local 913: Meeting of Important People

“We just try to give people a mix between the timeless rock ’n’ roll stuff that they like, and little melody hooks that they can hang onto, you know?”

Josh Verbanets is describing a typical show with Meeting of Important People. In the last few years, though, things have started to become more than just raucous rock shows. The band members are dads now, and their concerts have become a way for their families to connect and have fun. 

Could fatherhood have led to the mellower sound on “They Don’t Know Where They Might Find Me,” MOIP’s latest single? Verbanets says that wasn’t necessarily intentional.

“It’s just what we’re naturally doing now. We feel like kind of grown-up dudes and a little less likely to jump around and punch guitars at the moment. Maybe we’ll come back to that.” 

There’s another big change that factored into the new song; MOIP co-founder Matt Miller moved to Erie. Of their farewell-for-now single, Verbanets says, “The words almost kind of magically mimicked what was going on with us. I imagine Matt Miller, my friend that I’ve played music with for all these years, going off into the ether for a little bit and it’s a little mysterious for us. We don’t know exactly what it’s going to mean.”

Whatever it ends up meaning for Meeting of Important People, they’ve given us a good song to tide us over until they meet again. 

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