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The Lego Movie

All those tiny bricks add up to fun film for kids and adults alike


"Everything Is Awesome" — that's the theme song of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's computer-animated movie about a world made of Legos. It's also the catchy, upbeat number played over loudspeakers throughout the Lego world to brainwash occupants into following the instruction manuals. People like builder Emmet Bricowski (voiced by Chris Pratt), the most generic Lego character ever.

Largely about the importance of imagination, The Lego Movie matches the evil, follow-the-rules overlord of the kingdom, President Business (voiced perfectly by Will Ferrell), against a group of creative outsiders. Emmett reluctantly joins this group after being mistaken for "the brilliant chosen one," who will save the world from monotony. The film ramps up the fun with each trip to a new Lego "set" (hello, film-related merchandise tie-ins!) and cameos from well-known real-life Lego characters. (Batman is the first fun surprise, but not the last.)

Comparisons to Toy Story are inevitable, and like that classic, The Lego Movie is kid-centered but with lots of moments for adults, too. From the unveiling of President Business' evil freeze-ray "Kragle" to the visual spectacle of the Lego blocks themselves (even flowing water is made out of tiny blocks), everything in the movie is — sing it with me — "awesome."

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