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The Kings of Summer

A small-scale coming-of-age comedy set in the Ohio woods (sort of)


Frustrated that their boring summer is being persecuted by well-meaning parents in a small Ohio town, three teenage boys run away. Not very far — they simply move into the woods near town, build a fort from salvage and generally just really, really enjoy being free. That's the slim plot for first-time director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' comedy, which will play like a fantasy for today's endlessly managed kids (and a nostalgic look back for those of us old enough to have enjoyed roam-around-free summers). The main story is predictable, but some of the trappings are fresh and quirky. One boy is a delightful oddball, and everything Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally (portraying two of the parents) say is comedy gold. In a summer of bombastic, CGI-heavy action pics, consider this smaller film the equivalent of a fun day throwing rocks in a stream.

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