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The jig is up, the song is ass, let's retire 'Renegade'

Original CP photo: Jared Wickerham
The idea has been floating around in-the-know circles for years. But after the Steelers 17-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night #RetireRenegade movement has gone from groundswell to internet powder keg.

When Papa John says something, you listen, lest you face your day of reckoning.

“Renegade,” the 1979 Styx song made popular in recent decades by absolutely nothing, is played at Heinz field when the Steelers’ defense needs a big stop.

Lately, though, it has been singlehandedly responsible for our opponents not only not being stopped, but for scoring … a lot. It’s like instead of just putting on one of the worst songs ever written, we replace Minkah Fitzpatrick with Dennis DeYoung at safety.

The only place for "Renegade" is as the score to Billy Madison's drunken stupor in Billy Madison. And, fittingly, the Steelers' defense has looked like Adam Sandler waving a keg over his head then falling down when the song is played.

Someone needs to find a 7-inch single of “Renegade,” which shouldn’t be hard in Pittsburgh, and frisbee it into the Mon as the entire Steelers’ defense shoots shotguns at it like a sporting clay.

My biggest problem with “Renegade” is that the song has always sucked. The first-person lyrics make it sound like the Steelers are the team who should be scared, the a capella harmonies are like something posted by Free ASMR Ideas, the syncopated ride symbol is like a kid poking your shoulder trying to get your attention, and the guitar solo is solely responsible for pop musicians writing songs without them for 15 years after its release.

So, what do we replace the song with? Obviously, Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping.”

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