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The Intern

Nancy Myer’s new light comedy follows a May-December friendship

The stressed-out head (Anne Hathaway) of a hip New York clothing website gets a new intern, a well-dressed, well-organized 70-year-old man (Robert DeNiro), who turns out to be just the ticket. This latest relationship comedy from Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give) tackles friendship rather than romance, and is far less sugary for it. It burbles along on the charm of its stars — DeNiro has thankfully toned down his sometimes frantic comic stylings. In the jumble of its predictable narrative about work, family and the benefits of carrying a handkerchief, The Intern finds space for this May-December friendship to grow. Not that any of it is truly believable, but who cares when Meyers makes good on her signature cameo: the dreamy home interiors, all with perfect linens, just-so bricks and old-but-modern brownstone kitchens.

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