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Following lawsuits, superheroes have been banished to incognito lives of quiet desperation: The former Mr. Incredible now shuffles paper at an insurance company to support his family in the 'burbs -- until a secret agent lures the out-of-shape crime-fighter back into to the fray. Writer/director Brad Bird (Iron Giant) crafts a thoroughly entertaining and smart action-comedy that riffs gently on the genre's antecedents. The crew from Pixar delivers another eye-pleasing animated feature (kudos to a great new villain -- the Omnidroid -- and the film's allegiance to edgy mid-century design). Craig T. Nelson voices the square-jawed hero; Holly Hunter is his missus, the former Elastigirl. Kids will love the loopy action sequences (and the two pint-sized Incredible progeny, with their own unique powers), but adults will appreciate the wry mid-life dilemma of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, who are forced to curtail the excitement of youth for the stability of home and hearth. 

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