THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry's documentary traces what they believe to be the decade-long coordinated persecution of President Bill Clinton -- from Little Rock to Lewinsky. This is a cogent, if one-sided, case that links dozens of players (though conspiracy is still a matter of conjecture). Among the interviews, two are compelling: Whitewater's Susan McDougal, with her chilling account of being railroaded, and former right-wing smear tactician David Brock. The use of stock footage as humorous commentary is irritating, though it wanes as the film progresses. The real-life characters and their crazy behavior generate laughs and outrage. "Vast right-wing conspiracies" notwithstanding, Hunting, by plumbing deep into the Clintons' gubernatorial days, inadvertently makes a stronger case that their troubles were wrought by a much simpler scenario: that the power circles in Arkansas are pretty darn small, and everybody is connected to everybody else -- for better or worse. Harris 2.5 cameras

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