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The Human Centipede

Shock film is dull, plus missing 94 legs

The trailer for Tom Six's provocative horror flick about a gruesome medical experiment is already a viral hit. The admittedly freaky concept is an instant conversation-starter (or -stopper): A mad German surgeon sews three people together mouth to anus, forming a six-legged "human centipede" sharing one intestinal system. (You do the math.) Why make such a useless creature? I guess, the answer is simply: Why not? When the doctor gets his centipede together, he walks it on his lawn like a pet -- he previously had created a "3-dog" -- and revels in his own cleverness. Viewers, even those predisposed to gross-out films, likely won't be so enthusiastic. Centipede is poorly acted and plotted; in fact, it's most often boring. After you've seen the centipede and watched it eat, what else is it but a lumbering medical mishap that won't stop shouting in Japanese (the head) and making non-stop muffled crying noises (the two women in the rear)? Maybe years from now, Centipede will gain new cred as some allegory about top-down power structures, or a culture increasingly defined by regurgitating its own shit. But right now, it's just a low-budget snoozer, with an idea that's ickier than its execution. In English, and German and Japanese, with subtitles. 10 p.m. nightly, Fri., June 11, and Sat., June 12. Also, June 18, 19, 25 and 26. Regent Square

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