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The Hollars

A dysfunctional family gets its act together when facing a crisis in this dramedy


Nothing like a life-threatening illness to pull a family together and get folks back on track! This new dramedy, directed by John Krasinski, rumbles over the same playing field, making the same easy goals. John (Krasinski), a struggling artist in New York City who is avoiding committing to his very pregnant girlfriend (Anna Kendrick), gets summoned back to his small Ohio town when his mom (Margo Martindale) is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Waiting for him there: his weepy dad (Richard Jenkins), his loser brother (Sharlto Copley) and his high school buddy turned nurse (Charlie Day). Everybody plays familiar beats of their usual characters: Krasinski is befuddled nice guy, Day is jerky, RJ is older befuddled nice guy, Kendrick is sensible, and Martindale is the no-bullshit matriarch holding the dysfunctional clan together. It plays out like a mildly amusing extended sit-com, and never digs to explore any suggested deeper storylines, like why are all the men so ineffectual in their lives. Wholly predictable, right up to the ending pairing mom’s life-threatening illness with girlfriend’s impending baby-delivery.

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