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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Not much can be expected from a movie with the tagline “Get triggered”

Nothing says summer like a fun and stupid action movie with beautiful people and even more beautiful explosions. Patrick Hughes’ comedic actioner is not that movie, though it wants to be. It stars Ryan Reynolds, who has the charisma of a peanut-butter sandwich, as a bodyguard trying to restore his career, and Samuel L. Jackson, with the maniacal energy of a scary uncle, as a hitman embroiled in the trial of a genocidal Eastern European dictator (Gary Oldman). The two Americans traipse their way through London, Denmark and Sweden, firing and dodging storms of bullets. It’s clearly meant to feel like a skewed buddy comedy, but using loosely accurate geopolitics as a subplot vehicle for Jackson to say “motherfucker” proves unsettling. At some point in the movie, the dictator deploys Plan B, which is to send a truck full of bombs into the crowd protesting outside his trial. In the context of recent news, it was one of the most jarring scenes I’ve ever watched on the big screen. Then again, what else can be expected from a movie with the tagline “Get triggered.”

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