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The Have Nots

Hey's ... Woes ... And Beers

Mixing styles of music isn't anything new, but Pittsburgh octet The Have Nots blends punk, metal and ska into an unpredictable and relentless powerhouse, topped off with a full horn section.


Formed from the ashes of three former steel-town bands -- Social Outcast, Mudcat and Speedkill -- the Have Nots have just released their first full-length disc: Hey's ...Woes ... And Beers. And what they really seem to want to let us all know is that The Have Nots want beer -- a lot of beer. Case in point: disc opener "Party Song," which starts with a riff that slays with metallic passion and punk temperament, topped of with a loud and firing horn section. Following on the theme, the blistering third track, "Blurry Saturday Nights," is about drinking and staying out too late, waking up next to someone who, well, lacks the beauty you saw while under the influence, and the rush for the door, leaving your car keys stranded by the phone.


Overall, the disc is hard and heavy, mixing eclectic horns, punk attitude and metal guitar solos -- solos that have been inexplicably lost in heavy music lately. This is music whose purpose is to make you want to drink, and move, and only reminds us that Pittsburgh's music scene needs to be reckoned with. Hey's ... Woes ... And Beers was self-recorded, and at times that production can leave you a bit cold. But Hey'sb...Woes ... And Beers still has the sound you become accustomed to on stage when hanging out at Excuses or the 31st Street Pub: In the end, that all-important energy isn't lost.

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