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Lost in all the horror and blame-gaming of Hurricane Katrina was one government success story: the Coast Guard, which came in early and rescued tens of thousands by boat and helicopter. The USCG had long been the forgotten stepchild of the armed services (and has now been relocated to Homeland Security). Though it doesn’t involve Katrina, Andrew Davis’ worshipful actioner won’t do the Coast Guard’s recruitment any harm. As entertainment, however, it’s pretty standard fare: An Officer and a Gentleman, bookended by a couple of heroic Arctic water rescues. Kevin Costner is the grizzled old vet, plagued by the guilt of missions not quite accomplished. He’s farmed out to the Guard’s elite rescue-swimmer training camp (motto: So Other Might Live), where he butts heads with a cocky but dedicated youngster (Ashton Kutcher). You can write the rest of the film yourself, but be sure to sit through the credits for some surprising historical photos.

Rating: 2.5 projectors

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